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In whichever direction one heads – everywhere in Europe one stumbles upon mystical places of worship from the distant past.

When the sun's rays shine upon the brick, time stands still, and one can almost hear the chants of the monks in the cloister. How did they bake their elaborately ornamented bricks, and how did they cultivate their gardens? What did they sing? What relationship did they have to the people of the local village or to the other religious orders in the area? And what recipe did they use to brew their delectable beer?

The diverse questions that spring to mind are reflected in the diversity of the monasteries and the cultural and touristic activities they have to offer! Then as now, these pro-actively and historically operated monasteries aren't limited by their walls, they are a firmly rooted cultural and societal aspect of life. 
So as not to lose track and miss out on the best on offer, KLOSTERLAND will keep you informed about the cultural highlights, museological happenings and the numerous fairs, festivals, guided tours, exhibitions and culinary events taking place within these medieval walls.

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