KLOSTERLAND member monasteries

The map gives an overview of current KLOSTERLAND member monasteries. Click on the orange dots to reveal a window containing details and a link to the relevant monastery.

The monasteries of KLOSTERLAND were established by the most divergent of religious orders: Premonstratensians, Benedictines, Cistercians, Franciscans, Augustinians, Dominicans; but also their female filiations have left a lasting impression on the monastic landscape since the 11th century.

During visits, guests can discover the individual characters of the different monasteries, as well as their similarities. Numerous monasteries were dissolved during the Reformation. Their subsequent use over the following centuries proceeded along many different tangents.

Today, the monasteries of KLOSTERLAND welcome visitors of diverse interests. Through their wide variety of tourist offers they communicate the story behind the historic structures, inform guests about the unique architecture and furthermore enable them to discover and experience these magical places for themselves.