The European project Europetour, in which KLOSTERLAND e.V. is a partner, will bring together and connect a diverse range of rural areas in Europe with the aim to enhance local cultural tourism. It will do this through setting up and providing a relevant training scheme pinpointed at lacking skills and qualification needs of those people active in rural cultural tourism all over Europe. The used methodology is in its essence bottom-up and based on the input of the complete partnership and their stakeholders.

Activities and final goal

During the 3-year Europetour project, which started in December 2015 and is set to finish end of 2018, the requirements for a flourishing cultural tourism in European rural areas will be mapped and analysed. In a second step and based on the previous analysis, training modules will be set up and offered to local practitioners in cultural tourism (or to those that want to become professionally active in that area).

Moreover, the participating partners will create a manual on the use of social media in rural cultural tourism and on effective online-marketing directed towards cultural sites and activities. It is foreseen that the manual will be published in seven different languages (EN, DE, ES, IT, BG, RO, PL).

As a last step, the partners will jointly develop cultural touristic offers, which are expected to link the participating regions in a more sustainable way together.

The final goal of Europetour is to put rural cultural treasures in Europe in the spotlight, present them in a contemporary way and make the public at large discover and appreciate them. Different regions in Europe will be more connected through the characteristics that make all of them unique. At the same time, the project will develop and test a methodology that is able to collect and map very local data while realizing a very broad outreach.


This is the partnership from all over Europe that has teamed up to make this project to a success:

Further information

It combines the knowledge and experience of both representatives, network co-ordinators, and tourism specialists from rural areas in Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain, as well as cultural tourism specialists, a training provider and the Europe-wide network of (rural) religious heritage.

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